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Data Sharing Within the CECP Community
You have the option to share all of the information you submit or customize which data is shared. Sharing refers to internal use only within the CECP community (affiliated companies). We encourage companies to share all data submitted in order to produce the most robust and useful head-to-head benchmarking in this corporate community.  
All information submitted via this survey is secure and safeguarded. CECP takes very seriously that companies may be sharing confidential information and can be assured that your data will remain protected.
By sharing, you authorize your company-specific information to be included in the secure CECP online system and customized benchmarking reports created by CECP staff. Your response to the question below indicates your agreement with CECP's Data Sharing Policy.

Indicating “Yes” means: 
All survey questions will be shared. No further sharing  questions are required.
Indicating “Decide question by question” means: 
You must check YES or NO in the “Willing to Share?” questions throughout the survey, typically at the bottom of question pages.     
*Share within the CECP community?